Definitions: (1) using great care or prudence; wary; watchful; (2) forethoughtfully discreet 

Synonyms: circumspect, judicious

Too Far: Timidity is caution tinged with shyness and self-doubt.

Visualization: Picture a wasp landing on a thistle. Talk about the epitome of caution, and yet the wasp does it with such ease.

• Doubt is sometimes part of fear and sometimes part of caution. Take a look at the extremes and move in toward the middle from there. Regarding fear, doubt closes the mind. With caution, doubt peeks around the corner with an open mind.

• How far are you willing to go, or allow other people to go, when it comes to being adventuresome, fearless, or brave? If you are responsible as a parent or guardian, you have a responsibility to say, “I cannot let you cross that line.” Or you can extend your responsibility if you know it is time for your child or friend to push their boundaries. They may or may not be able to handle what transpires when they get out on that limb, but if they’ve got a friend who is willing to go with them, then the margin of error is somewhat reduced. Ultimately, the person taking the action is making a choice and taking the risk. The person supporting them and helping them is an important element in allowing the inexperienced one to become the person they wish to become.

• I have been alone in the Grand Canyon, miles and days from any help. When one is alone, the margin for error is reduced to almost zero. It is a palpable sensation. The experience is sweeter if you are cautious in the boldest sense of the word.