Definitions: (1) having the power of perceiving or comprehending quickly; discriminating <a clear intellect>; not confused or dull; (2) easily seen or comprehended <of your statements by others>; easily understandable; perspicuous; distinct; lucid; (3) free from obscurity <of others communications to you>; evident; manifest; indisputable; undeniable; (4) free from emotional perturbations; undisturbed; unruffled; serene; (5) free from guilt or blame; morally unblemished; innocent

Synonyms: acute, apparent, bright, obvious, orderly, plain, pure, vivid

Quote: In foggy weather you can see clearly the terrain that is near you and you often think that those who are further away from you are stuck in the fog. Although things might appear clear to you, those at a distance fancy that they are the ones in the clear and that you are stuck in the fog. — Benjamin Franklin (1705-1790) American Author

Symbols: 1) crystal; 2) a calm blue sea; 3) a cloudless blue sky