Definitions: (1) conveying knowledge or information; making known; (2) able to transmit information, thoughts, or feelings so to be satisfactorily received and understood

Synonyms: announcing, articulate, disclosing, divulging, imparting, loquacious, promulgating, publishing, revealing, talkative 

Balancing Quality: order

Saying: Elaborate; Illustrate; Decorate

• When you live in constant communication with God, you cannot be lonely. — Peace Pilgrim [born Mildred Lisette Norman] (1908-1981) Steps Toward Inner Peace

• As far as we can tell, human language results from a certain type of mental organization, not simply from a high level of intelligence. — Noam Chomski (1928 – ) American linguist

• Man by means of words can communicate abstract ideas; he can benefit from experiences of others without having to be present at the time; he can make intelligent cooperative plans. — Jane Goodall (1934 – ) British Primatologist

• It is the humble man who risks his dignity to speak up for what he loves. It is the courageous man who dares contradiction and the acrimony of argument to defend his beliefs. If one loves anything – truth, beauty, women, life – one will speak out. Genuine love cannot endure silence. Genuine love breaks out into speech. And when it is great love, it breaks out into song. Talk helps to relieve us of the tiresome burden of ourselves. It helps some of us to find out what we think. It is essential for the happiest companionship. One of the minor pleasures of affection is in the voicing of it. If you love your friend, says the song, tell him so. Talk helps one to get rid of the surplus enthusiasm that often blurs our idea. — Myles Connolly (1897-1964) American Screenwriter

Tip: Do it now! Talk about your conflict before it has a chance to build into something eating at you.

Comment: In trying to get a point across to another in a way he or she will understand, you will be amazed at the insights and examples you come up with. This happens most when you are speaking from your heart in a caring manner, and especially, with the other person in mind.

Suggestion: If you try explaining something to a friend and he or she rejects what you have to say, your explanation could be unclear or it could be the notion doesn’t fit into your friend’s framework of reality at this time. Try again later when you both have become a bit more skilled and accepting.

Symbols: 1) music; 2) water; 3) the mouth (Egyptian); 4) the infinity symbol {∞} [the ultimate communication of giving and receiving (see explanation under Giving)]