Definitions: (1) In harmony with foreknowledge and wisdom; dutiful; (2) The giver of the innate ability to know fact from fiction and right from wrong; (3) The instigator of the principles of the actions of nature; (4) The giver of the divine command: “Be you perfect” from which all other law is derived; indisputable fixed clarity; (5) Efficient; exact

• Since God’s actions are so well considered, they are often the same from one circumstance to the next. Thus, His actions have been codified into the immutable laws of nature, physics, and all other branches of reality. But, since God is first a loving Person, consistency does not imply reality has a slavish hold on Him, but rather a continual reaffirmation of His all-wise overcare. All of His actions show His volitional free will.

• Law is the foundation of the mercy ladder. Without law there would be no balanced justice; without justice, no insightful fairness; without fairness, no trusting patience; without patience, no unselfish kindness; without kindness, no genuine mercy; and mercy points to its source and destiny: abiding love.