Divine Definitions: (1) The discernible, coherent design upon which to base the total system; (2) The original arrangement and example of form; (3) The primary, discrete set of priorities from which all things are derived; (4) The original model for all subsequent reality; (5) The physical, personal, mindal, and spiritual guide showing the way; (6) The ideal worthy of imitation and copying; (7) Generosity sufficient to create all that divine pattern requires

Quote: God is everything, moving through everything, is the pattern that everything makes. — Jo Walton, (1964-) Among Others

Comment: God is the original pattern. The idea of a tree existed before the first seed took root. Form follows function. Function follows intention. His intention is Love. We think of the physical world as the most real of things, yet matter is the slow energy pattern of pure substantive Reality. DNA is the simple structural pattern; adding life to it is the source of the real skill. Light contains the rainbow. Vibration contains the symphony. Love contains the baby’s giggle, the helping hand, and the answers.