Definitions: (1) Willing to disclose His attributes to His creatures; (2) Willing to make known His will to His creation; (3) Willing to speak of His nature to the universe; (4) The assurance and dissemination of truth as reality

Comment: God is willing and able to impart fact, meaning, and value whenever the doors of the mind and heart are open. Revelation takes many forms depending on the ability and the willingness of the listener. One form is inspiration: auto-inspiration (just between you and God) or public inspiration, as with inspired writings. Another form is science. By study we discover more and more about the marvelous nature of our surroundings, and with that the nature of The Maker of those things, systems, and forms. Revelation is often by association – the putting of two and two together. We are constantly integrating what we know and coming up with fresh insights. And maybe the most revealing of all is figuring out how to have loving relationships with others.