[ Setting: On the bank of a river under cherry blossoms. ]

BABS:      My fiancé and I were just in a car accident. We were on our way to the Smithsonian to begin our new jobs. The first thing I need to know is, did Zane die with me or is he still back there?

ALLEGENTIA:       He is here.

BABS:       Can I see him now?

ALLEGENTIA:       That is not possible until we get to our destination and you both return to corporeal form. I can speak with you, or anyone else individually, mind-to-mind; but I cannot link two other minds together. That is above my abilities.

BABS:       Have you spoken with him yet?

ALLEGENTIA:       Not yet.

BABS:       Can I leave a message for him for when you do? And will you wake me up again and give me his response?

ALLEGENTIA:       I can only tell him you are thinking of him as I am sure he will be of you. But all of your interpersonal communications will need to be done when you are on the other side. Since you will be in an unconscious state during the time from here to there, when you wake up again it will seem like just a few minutes from when we finish speaking. Then you will be in the resurrection halls and you can be reunited with him soon thereafter.

BABS:       I still hope to have a life with him. I still want to marry him.

ALLEGENTIA:       You will be able to spend time together. Meanwhile each of you will have an assessment of your spiritual status. If you are both on the same level, more of less, you may be able to share growing together from that level on. But if one of you is a step or two above the other, things are usually arranged differently. It is not usually a good idea to retard or back-step growth to stay on a level beneath an advanced status. Before making any final decisions, you will first see what the situation is. You need to learn a few things before you can be fully aware of how many things are possible. Then many things can be worked out. Since the advancement of relationships is one of the richest growth environments, your desire to be together, if it is indeed mutual, will be strongly taken into consideration.
     There are always special pairings, especially of soul mates. Any two people can consecrate their love for each other formally. Of course, after the first physical death you just experienced, you now understand death is simply a transitional necessity. Knowing there is no more physical death does change the vows one is willing to take and give. It depends on the people involved. One’s perspective broadens as you grow. As you become a larger part of the cosmos you can see deeper into the future. Therefore your commitment to one person can extend to the end of your vision, just like death was a natural break in vows on Earth, or it can be modified by some other factors.
     How long did you know each other?

BABS:       Most of this last year.

ALLEGENTIA:       The longer you are with each other the better you will get to know the other person. Maturing always takes unforeseeable turns. Surface compatibility may not sustain a relationship through the growth process. But things are different in heaven.

BABS:       I see. The circumstances may have changed but my love for him has not. As long as we can be together, I’m sure we will enjoy getting to know each other better before making any long-range commitments.

ALLEGENTIA:       You will need to get to know yourself first, then each other. After your status screening you will get a personality and career overview to assess what qualities you need, what interests you have, how to best advance your growth.
     Even if you and he are on the same level, each of you will have a lot of decisions to make. It may be your interests are so different as to take you into dissimilar fields of exploration. Even this may not be a problem. You may still be close to each other, but maybe not. For instance, the center for cosmology is on one planet and the center for celestial arts is on another. Maybe your interests will be similar enough for you both to pledge to stay together for the next thousand years and then assess your situation. Some pairs simply leave it open knowing love will grow and circumstances will change.
     Attraction on Earth includes such factors as physical appeal, emotional compatibility, racial makeup, religious affiliations, and intellectual and educational interests – and I have already mentioned spiritual status. All of these will be a bit different and somewhat simplified on the other side. There will be only four compatibility issues taken into consideration and you will have angels, and humans who have had successful partnerships, to give advice. These four areas are experience, personality, intelligence, and soul development. When you see Zane again you will not immediately recognize his body. But once you begin communicating you will immediately recognize each other’s personality, and, naturally, remember your connection with each other. As you spend time together your relationship will develop with more depth and breadth than was possible in your short time on Earth.

BABS:       Oh, that sounds wonderful. We’re so in love. We were looking forward to kids so much.

ALLEGENTIA:       I have to tell you; your new transition body is devoid of procreation abilities. No longer will your sexual encounters be able to produce children. But if you have never been a parent, you will need to be one. There are simply too many qualities you are unable to acquire any other way than by being responsible for an innocent young life. Parents and children both need unconditional love, mutual affection, recognition, and appreciation. To care for someone who is dependent upon you in the parent/child relationship is indispensable for the growth of all concerned. Since you will not be able to reproduce, your parental duties will be acquired by actively participating in the upbringing of a young soul.

BABS:       Where do these young souls come from?

ALLEGENTIA:       Children who die on Earth are raised on the nursery world. You and your mate will help rear at least one special child.

BABS:       What about their natural parents?

ALLEGENTIA:       Some parents do not survive. Others have already fulfilled their parental responsibilities and will take on a secondary role as the biological parents of the child.

BABS:       Well, I am glad we can love and nurture a child.
     It seems like we will be pretty old if we are together for a thousand years. What does it mean to grow old together in heaven?

ALLEGENTIA:       If everything works out for you to remain with each other, you can enjoy many years together. You will never grow old again, however. The degeneration of the body is a nativity planet phenomenon only. Progress World bodies are constructed of purer energy. They do change but the change is a reflection of your inner intellectual, spiritual, and soul advancement. As you become more spiritual your interests broaden; and you become more vital, energized, and curious. As you grow in grace, becoming more spiritual, you will leave one body behind and take on another one. Each new body is advance-tuned to the next higher range of spiritual activity. There are some couples who stay connected for millions, even billions, of years.

BABS:       That is good news. I appreciate your filling me in on what will happen.

ALLEGENTIA:       This voyage is long for me but short for you. My communications with you are necessarily precise. You will fill in the details in the coming years. You receive three things from me, first: the fact of your survival, second: the fact you are going to a good place, and third: the promise you will continue to grow. Very soon you will continue your life.

BABS:       Thank you. I’d like to go back to sleep now but please give Zane my love. Tell him I am anxious to see him again.

ALLEGENTIA:       I will.