15 LIU

[ Setting: A path by a small creek. ]

LIU:       Thank you for speaking with me. This is really a unique treat. Such a pretty little creek. I used to marvel at the musical tones the flowing water would make, especially under the thin ice of winter. My name is Liu. You told us your name is Allegentia. Do angels have nicknames? Does anyone call you “Alle?”

ALLEGENTIA:       As a matter of fact my twin calls me Alle. Affectionate personal names are often used between intimate friends, just like on Earth.

LIU:       My sister calls me “Lilu” and I call her “Luli.” You can call me Lilu.

ALLEGENTIA:       Thank you Lilu. You can call me Alle.

LILU:       I do have a question for you, Alle, if I may. You say I am going to heaven and I always thought if I did I would be immortal. If I understood you correctly, you said there is a lot of growth to be accomplished before one attains the ultimate prize of immortality.

ALLE:       First of all let us be clear just exactly what we mean when we say immortal. Final immortality is the assurance of your continued eternal existence.
     Soon you will see that the end of your earth life was not much more than graduating from pre-school. Your full mortal existence includes Earth plus your time on the Progress Worlds. You have produced a flowering soul; this, and your personality potential, is why you are moving on. The first stage of your physical mortality is now behind you. Spiritual immortality is yet to be accomplished.

LILU:       What do I have to do to reach immortality?

ALLE:       The way to solidify this future is with a wholehearted commitment to align your will with the Father’s will; making a sincere attempt to fuse your personality and soul with your indwelling God fragment, the Spirit within.
     These transition worlds are designed to facilitate your further development, and eventually, your fusion with your indwelling Spirit fragment. Then your mortal phase will truly end and your immortal phase will begin. Please also understand the attainment of immortality is only the first step in your unending universe career. It is a big step but pause to consider this finite segment will last billions of years.
     Before fusion with your Spirit, there are several levels of cosmic attainment to traverse. You entered the lowest one when you made your first moral choice. Do you remember when you were about six and you were helping your mother put your little sister down for a nap? She was fussing and you spontaneously decided to rock her bassinet. You did so without prompting and with full knowledge you would be soothing her as well as helping your mother who was busy with the laundry. That simple unselfish act was the beginning of your journey to immortality.

LILU:       Thank you for the memory of my little sister and my mother. From that day forward I understood why they say goodness is its own reward. It makes sense my spiritual path would have started then. How far do I have to go? How long will it take?

ALLE:       How long will it take? I have no simple answer. It is a melding of your physical, intellectual, and spiritual progress. Even though fusion has happened on Earth for those few souls who habituated the ultimate commitment, it most often takes place on the Progress Worlds. It takes some people fifty years and others five thousand years. For you, looking at the character of your soul as it is today, I would predict somewhere between five hundred and a thousand years. But you may need more time adjusting to certain ideas and acquiring difficult combinations of qualities. Soul growth is individual and time is only one factor.

LILU:       Wow! Hundreds of years sounds like a very long time to me.

ALLE:       There is a saying something like, ‘It is the journey and not the destination wherein the greatest joy resides.’ Growth is a process. You look back on a period of time and realize you have slowly but surely developed into a more mature person than you were before. Nevertheless, progressive enlightenment is also punctuated with sudden successes, growth spurts, and level changes where new clarity and understanding are more obvious.
     It is like boiling water. You place it on a steady heat and the water will get hotter and hotter until it begins to boil. The water has suddenly gone through a phase change from a liquid to a vapor. The heat represents qualities like sensitivity, optimism, and discretion you are adopting. Simply apply steady spiritual pressure to your self and you will incorporate the ideals you use.

LILU:       It is an understatement to say this is a good time to look back over my life. And I do see I have grown from that little girl helping Mommy. It seems like I can see a theme running through it all.

ALLE:       That would be your life-thread. Many do not recognize it, much less nurture it. But it is a signature feature you can use to promote your continued growth. Decide on an attitude grand and good enough to sustain each moment of your life. If you anchor yourself to this ultimate ideal, you will eventually attain your goal. This one highest ideal will be your guiding principal, your eternal purpose, acting as the loom upon which you interweave and intertwine your life lessons with your spiritual ideals.

LILU:       I have an idea what I used as my “thread.”  But is there actually that much to learn? I really do not feel like I was a bad person.

ALL:       Do not labor under the impression all you have to do is get over your bad habits or be forgiven for your poor choices. There is a big difference between bad and immature. It is not a matter of jumping from bad to good instantaneously. Remember a little child has no bad to overcome. They are moving from innocent good to complex good. Real growth begins after you have no bad to overcome. Then you advance from good to better and then on up to best and eventually to perfect.
     To attain immortality, a person must also synchronize with the mind-gravity and spirit-gravity circuits. I see you began this work on Earth, but it is accomplished long after you have left any badness behind.
     Nonetheless, there are a lot of traits humans possess which could be, and need to be, overcome. Physical toxins hinder the smooth workings of body and brain. These pollutants compromise the efficient functioning of the spirit-mind-body connection. The same is true of mental poisons which can be devastating if taken in great quantities, but they always interfere with the process of soul growth, even in small doses.

LILU:       What are these mental poisons?

ALLE       Let me give you a few examples and their antidotes. For ego wear and tear – often resulting in worry, guilt, and regret – use humility, humor, and selflessness. Anger, hate, and revenge require self-control, self-respect, and a concern for others. For jealousy, envy, and pride you can cultivate a delight in the accomplishments of others. Cooperation, trust, and faith will do nicely for suspicion and anxiety. If you are patient and open-minded you will eliminate intolerance and prejudice. Self-pity is classically overcome by self-forgiveness, altruism, and a larger philosophical mind-set.
     Every identifiable pitfall is mitigated and eliminated with a right attitude and some combination of positive values. These negative attitudes all seem, and even may be, justifiable for a short time. They can also be seen as valuable obstacles to overcome, each in its own way.

LILU:       I am starting to see how much I still have to achieve. But it is very hard for me to see how it could take forever to get to know all there is to know. If it were a few lifetimes or even a few hundred thousand years, by then surely, we would have a pretty good idea of what is expected and will have accomplished all that needs to be done.

ALLE:       As you grow and accumulate knowledge and understanding, you will also continually see how much more you need to know to get to the next stage. Yes, by the time you have lived several hundred thousand years, you will have a very good idea of the structure of the universe – not only the physical universe but the way Reality itself is set up for all creatures to live and work and grow. Our goal is nothing less than leaving the finite, beginning to fathom the Supreme, eventuate in the Ultimate, and move toward the impenetrable Absolute. God is always bigger than we can think. A better process must take the place of thinking. Your soul growth is the beginning of this new way of knowing.
     As you add any positive quality to facts, meanings, and especially other values, you gain more than the sum of the combination. And there are a lot of positive values to work with in life. Your old life was you inauguration launch into the infinite.

LILU:       I know it will be exciting but it also sounds like a lot of work.

ALLE:       Earlier I was giving you some antidotes for mental poisons. Let’s add lighthearted playfulness to alleviate stress; wide-eyed wonder to eliminate dread; enthusiastic adventure to mitigate stagnation; and imaginative creativity to expand your possibilities.
     You were asking about immortality. God did not design the universe to be a place of suffering, although suffering too can be used as a stepping-stone to immortality. He did not design the universe as a dungeon of drudgery, although you can even use drudgery as a path to enlightenment. Nor did he create it for people to have one short life in the flesh and then live without growing from then on. Every experience contains within it the possibilities of success and you will learn to use all of them to create your own marvelous heaven.

LILU:       Well, I did ask, didn’t I? As much as there is to do and learn it seems there is a better balance between work and rest than on Earth and I am glad for that.

ALLE:       When things get too heavy put down your load and take a walk next to a musical creek.