Good morning, my name is Allegentia. I am an angel known as a Transport Seraphim. Be comforted; all is well. First, to confirm, your physical body did die and is back on Earth where it will stay. What you are experiencing now is real. I am speaking with your soul-mind which is enveloped in my spirit essence, safe and intact. A healthy new body will be prepared for you before we arrive at our destination.
     I am waking you for a short time to give you the joyous news you are still alive and on your way to heaven. You will soon be reunited with your family and friends. Your body’s death was not the end but merely a transition to a new life and continued growth.
     Some information is basic and I will now give you the answers to the most pressing and common questions. We angels are always readily available to help you comprehend what is happening and what opportunities are available. Most people have fantasized about the other side and these thoughts have often contained some fleeting glimpses of the truth, but the reality is far different, and much better, than you could have imagined. Soon these limited images will be crystal clear and right in front of you. Some of the information I am about to give you will seem new or even strange; and some will contradict what you believe. Even though you are hearing my voice as if I were speaking to you alone, I am speaking to 1,000 souls. I can address your individual concerns later, when we have our person-to-person dialogue. Other than the brief time we spend together, you will be in an unconscious sleep until we arrive.
     I understand you are all different and will have different questions. Humans have all sorts of ideas about heaven’s organization and purpose. One of my main tasks is to begin the process of separating truth from myth. But nothing I tell you can substitute for what you will experience during the first weeks and months of your new life.

Right now you feel yourself conscious again. Some of you do not even remember your death as a traumatic event. You literally went to sleep or into a coma and did not wake up until now, but most of you do remember the last moments you spent on Earth. Whatever your circumstances, death is past. For some more than others, it is an incredible fact to know you have experienced death and yet continue to exist.
     You will start again from where you left off. Everything you need to continue your adventure will be provided. I am not here to judge you. Whatever mistakes you made will be dealt with in a fair fashion later on. We are very aware that nobody is perfect. After having lived your short life on Earth, all of you will now have every opportunity to achieve your long-term potential.
     You are probably feeling a bit of euphoria. This is normal. At the moment you have no physical bodies; therefore you have no bodily sensations, no pain, tension, or discomfort; no effects of injury or disease. But you may have some memories of those things, so now the relief from them is evident. For those of you who left an aged or infirmed body behind, this is a welcome blessing. If you died while you were young and healthy, you may be missing your strong body. No matter if you lived a long life or it was cut short, rest assured you will eventually be able to fulfill all of your worthwhile dreams, old and new.
     Nothing of value is ever lost. Every one of the meaningful thoughts and actions from your earthly life will be available in your next existence. Every memory and experience having intrinsic or latent spiritual potential is retained. Right now, for many of you, your earth life may seem like a set of murky images. This is because we are communicating through your soul alone. Once you are reintegrated – body, mind, personality, and spirit – everything will fall into place. Your new mind will have a clarity you never experienced on Earth. You will be able to carry on quite well despite some initial confusion.
     There is one very different thing about your new body – it will not age. As a matter of fact, as you gain spiritual luminosity, your body will manifest your spiritual changes and become more beautiful, adaptable, and supple. Just like your first body, your next one is subject to damage but not disease. If it is hurt, you will feel pain, but it heals quickly; and if destroyed, it will be replaced.

At this time we are traveling through space away from your home planet to another world where you will continue to learn and grow and blossom into wonderful sons and daughters of God. We are traveling to the First Heaven. You may have called it The Mansion Worlds, Valhalla, The Elysian Fields, The Great Beyond, The Kingdom on High, The Pure Land, Shangri-La, Shambhala, The Place of Peace, The Hidden Land, The Summerland, or The Gardens of Bliss. All of these names and more have been given to the same location.
     This First Heaven is a cluster of fifty-seven planets, standardly known as the Progress Worlds. We will land on the first of these, and if you have attained a higher spiritual quotient, you will soon move on to the planet reserved for your exact status. These are real planets with air to breathe, land to walk on, and water to drink. There are all of the basic elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, and an additional set of one-hundred elements unavailable on Earth. Once you take up your new body and see your beautiful new home you will surely know you are in heaven.
     You will be reunited with your loved ones and they will help you get oriented. Do not be alarmed or embarrassed when you do not instantly recognize them – after all they have been given new bodies as well. But you will know each other once you begin to converse. Personality always shines through.
     In addition to your family and friends you will, for the first time, be able to see and meet your guardian angels. They are very much looking forward to greeting you in person, and they will be your primary guides through the adjustments of this new adventure. These guardian seraphim truly delight in every step you take. They were created as collaborators and helpers, and their progress is tied inexorably to yours.
     Even to the shores of Paradise will you be meeting new orders of angels, and other beings, unimaginable to you now. Angels, just as humans, have a beginning, and move through a long and eventful unfolding of the realities of the universe. The institutions of heaven are designed to facilitate the integration of better understanding, cleaner living, and increasing progress in attaining higher value levels. Progress made, by becoming these grand ideals, accelerates progress yet to be made. There is a vast difference between knowing an idea mentally and knowing its ideal as an experienced certainty.
     The lower angels and creatures on your plane of accomplishment will soon be visible to you. Although this range of beings is greater than you were aware of on Earth, there are myriads of beings intervening between you and God. All spiritual beings will eventually be within your field of comprehension, but first you must progress up the cosmic ladder. As you grow, your grasp of the greater reality will expand with you. Each step of the way you will comprehend more – never losing your ability to function on all previous levels. Every valuable experience will always be a part of your identity. You truly take your past with you as you advance.

For those of you who mistakenly decided there was no God during your confused life on Earth, I am glad to inform you God is a real and wonderful Person. And let me assure you, none of you are going to hell, for there is no such place. Nor is there reincarnation back to Earth.
     Many visions of heaven depict a fantastic place with God in the center and all of his children happy and complete. God is indeed The Center of all creation. But the rest of this vision is simply too small. The physical universe, although not infinite, is trillions of times larger and older than you know. There are many, many phases to heavenly progression. Earth was just the beginning of your finite existence. You will move through an infinite unfolding as you grow toward your perfected spiritual status. You are forever becoming. We are going to heaven, but not the final heaven known as Paradise.
     In the mind of God there is no end to his divine expressions or the possibilities he has in store for his children. Before you is a destiny of unbounded scope and unimaginable diversity. You will continue to grow in grace, share God’s nature and attributes and, eventually, stand in his presence.
     In your next life you will continue to exist in a similar manner as you lived on Earth, but there is so much more; there is always so much more. You will perpetually be astonished by how big even finite really is. A number of you have had a slight glimpse into the infinite; this too will expand and deepen. You have truly only just begun your long adventure. You will visit millions of planets and meet billions of fascinating people, angels, and other types of spirits unknown on Earth. Your potential is boundless.

The physical universe is an extremely immense place, but very little, much less than one percent, is inhabited so far. We are traversing only a very tiny portion of one sector of what is populated. Nonetheless, even though we will be traveling at three times the speed of light, it will take us nearly seventeen earth years before we arrive at our journey’s end. Your planet of origin is at the fringe of the local inhabited worlds. From all over this local sector crossings like this are taking place. We Transport Seraphim are all taking our charges from inhabited worlds to the local system’s Progress Worlds.
     There is distance in space, and motion to all things within the finite. When a person dies they leave the first level of physical reality but not finite reality. Although your physical body remains on your nativity planet, your soul – your valuable, super-material essence – continues its journey through time and in space. Neither you nor I can simply jump from one place to another. Even though your soul is, at the moment, separated from your physical form you will not magically find yourself on the next level instantaneously. Since we are finite we must travel through space, and that takes time. Nonetheless here, between the stars, between your old life and your new one, very little of your time will be conscious.
     While there is an eventual transcendence to the timeless, spaceless universe of the Ultimate and even the unqualified, unlimited realm of the Absolute, you cannot attain these without the requisite intervening learning experiences in the here and now.

I am not only your transportation, but also your first source of accurate information. When we are not in direct contact, you will not be in contact with anyone else. For a short time before we speak individually, you will be in a meditative state, free to reflect, pray, and wonder. You can consider what I am saying to you now, and form your questions and comments. Then I will bring you up to full consciousness individually.
     During our face-to-face discussion I will appear to each of you a little differently and I will generate an environment which will be conducive to communication. It will be an appropriate place for you, and it will seem real enough, but it will be an idealized construct. We will still be in transit. You will not take your new form until we get to our destination.
     Even though I will be communicating with your soul-mind, I do not have access to everything you have thought or done. I can see your soul but it is not a chronicle of events. It is a primarily repository of those positive realities you have acquired by your choices in your initial life adventure. Your most spiritual memories are reflected there. Your soul is a synthesis of who you have become spiritually until now, but it is not all of you. Your soul also contains your active and passive potentials. When you are reanimated on the first Progress World your complete self will be available. And you will begin to move forward again.
     When we talk I will give you all of the information you can assimilate. Be it difficult or easy for you, I will always tell you the truth. But the deeper we delve into new and higher areas of thought and reality, the more difficult it will be for you to comprehend what your curiosity desires. There is always a limit to your ability to understand, but these limitations are always temporary. Your faith in the ideals of truth, the values of goodness, and your recognition of harmonious beauty will always and faithfully light your way.
     We can discuss the life you will be moving into, the big picture, or your private concerns – anything of interest. We angels are intimately involved with your ascension from the physical to the spiritual. How this works will be of obvious importance to you. And do not worry about language, I understand the meanings of every concept in every language spoken on Earth.
     Many of you will find what I say new, and yet somehow familiar. This feeling of familiarity is your dynamic and unfailingly precise ‘truth sense’ confirming the accuracy of what is said, observed, and felt. Nevertheless, you may not fully grasp or believe what you hear until you take up your new bodies, minds, and lives. At that time you can see for yourselves. Even then you will be a long way from encompassing the first simple wholeness.
     Seeing your soul will give me a good idea of what you can understand. I can present you with new information, but you still need to process it as you have always done, using only those faculties and talents you have already developed. You will retain our conversation in your soul’s memory and be more fully able to put it into context after your complete identity has been reintegrated on the first Progress World.
     As I said, I will provide you with as much information as you can absorb, but there are things I cannot do. I cannot give you an actual glimpse of the physical or spiritual environment on the other shore, nor show you the future. I can tell you a good deal about many things but I am not all-knowing. I can share information but I cannot implant (other than verbally) an idea into your soul-mind.
     After we have our private talk you will re-enter your meditative state to ponder our conversation, then you will lapse back into an unconscious sleep for the rest of the trip.

You may feel a certain relief because you are going to heaven, but do not think you are immortal. There is much more to be experienced, and more soul growth to be accomplished, before you attain the ultimate prize of immortality. The portals of death are not a free pass to your final destiny. God would not deprive you of the joy of earning your place in the cosmos. Not until you embody Value itself within your soul will immortality be within sight. Your past value choices were, literally, how you developed the soul you possess; therefore, some of you have a larger soul and some a smaller one.
     Life on your unique planet was the foundation of a long learning experience in the greater universe. Your training there was chaotic and haphazard compared to what you will experience next. Although there are general trends applying to different levels of accomplishment, from now on the universal education system is keyed specifically to your personal needs. As you grow you will have more truth on which to stand, therefore you will be exposed to an ever more progressive and complex range of information. But it is still, and always will be, up to you to evaluate any new information – using your sense of what is right before accepting it for what it is. All truth must have an intrinsic, consistent meaning (and have meaning to you) else you will reject it as false. Because everyone is different, the genuine truth needs to be alive and adaptable to every mind.
     The unique identity you enjoy now will remain intact even through all of your growth. Your personality, soul, and Spirit were unaffected by physical death. You will know yourself and others you have known. Your primary physical senses and mental faculties will continue for your use and enjoyment. Those who have gained a larger foothold on the spiritual level will soon find their physical senses have also been extended, and more senses will unfold as you mature.
     You can take up your old vocation, or begin another one. You will continue to accomplish new things with honest, intelligent effort. Your friendships will be renewed, deepened, and expanded in fresh and complex ways. The novelty of your previous and subsequent experiences will bind you together in mutual admiration as you learn to help each other on these extraordinary worlds.
     There will always be a gap between your actual self and your ideal self. Everyone knows they are less perfect than they could be. Just as in your earth life, there will always be something good beyond your grasp. This is a divine gift. Possibilities will always be visible on the horizon; questions will forever intrigue you; and new ideas and brilliant ideals will entice your sense of wonder. Your exploration has just begun.
     There are many levels of growth and you have only partially experienced some of them. In the years and ages to come you will make great progress on every level. Your idea of reality, the very nature of what is real, will expand immensely. Your understanding of how things work and your ability to adapt will improve significantly. You will continue your soul’s progress. Your recognition of truth will become keener and more sure. Beauty will surround you, and your appreciation of it will be more profound. Your relationships will be engulfed in feelings of sublime goodness. The unfolding of your personality will become a primary goal. It will become increasingly apparent that you are a person destined to move toward the elusive goal of perfection as you move through time and beyond.
     One thing we will all enjoy is the development of your sense of humor. You will remember your past struggles with the pleasure of having advanced beyond your early immaturity, and you will laugh at yourself as you compare your early undeveloped notions with the expanded ones you will soon be learning. It is a particular relief to give up the anxieties of the past in favor of the certainties of the future. Even though the path to perfection stretches on forever, boredom is not known in the universe where so many joys and adventures are available.

Your new life will begin soon. The first few months will be the most memorable as you get acquainted with a set of circumstances far different from what you expected, yet familiar in many fundamental ways. Then you will begin to settle in and feel more comfortable with your new body, mind, and surroundings. We have set up many ways for each of you to shift into your new life as smoothly as possible.
     Some of you will have a hard transition while others will adapt with ease. We know who will have difficulty and how it will present itself. In general, those who are more spiritual or more open have fewer problems, but do not think difficulty is eliminated based on spiritual growth. Many of you are very spiritual and yet are in possession of much partial, disorganized, not to mention fraudulent, information. It can be bewildering and frequently distressing to compare what you think should be with what actually is. Angels and onetime mortals will be with you to help you through your confusion and answer your questions.
     You have lived a lifetime formulating your personal belief systems. We respect your hard-won convictions and we will help you build on them. As a matter of fact, we must work through your belief system. Yet please understand, you can only build upon what is solid and real. You will be schooled in what is accurate and what is not and why. Progress is eminently possible and supremely worthwhile.

Soon you will drift into unconsciousness. I will wake you in a short while and we will speak together privately.