[ Setting: A bluff overlooking a wide river. ]

ANGELA:       I remember this overlook; this place always felt like a little bit of heaven for me while I was one Earth. I heard you say we are on the way to heaven so this is kind of like a waking dream where we can talk and ask questions. I am curious what angels can do. What can you do for me? Are you my guardian angel?

ALLEGENTIA:       Angels have many, many different jobs in the universe. I am not, nor have I ever been, a guardian angel although we all aspire to the privilege. I am a Transport Seraphim and your soul’s escort for this trip only.
     I can tell you in general terms what you need to know, what will happen, or how things are set up, but I cannot give you experiences before you would have acquired them in your normal course of living. I cannot gift you anything you need to discover for yourself.
     Angels can direct you toward a beneficial person or place, but you have to want to accept their leadings for them to be as effective as they can be. Angels can intensify an ideal you already aspire to, but you are always the one who must choose to act.

ANGELA:       What is an example of something I need to do but I need to find out for myself?

ALLEGENTIA:       Every human must care for a less mature person or persons. You need not be a biological parent or even related, but the parent-child relationship is an essential experience. Any good parent could give you fine advice on parenting, but it would never substitute for the love and concern you will gain by putting another person in your heart. There are just too many qualities you can only achieve from this responsibility.

ANGELA:       I can see how that is important. I certainly love my daughter. I used to call her my little angel. Maybe that is why I am so interested in angels. I think I used to feel my guardian angel during some of my difficult times, and I used to talk with her as a matter of course.

ALLEGENTIA:       You may have been only vaguely aware of your guardian angel while on Earth because angels have, of course, a more-spirit-than-physical nature. But in heaven they will be visible to your new eyes and you will learn how to hear and see even more ethereal spirits as you mature spiritually. Also you will have contact with ascendant mortals of high spirit status who once lived on a planet like Earth.

ANGELA:       Well, that certainly sounds interesting. I’d like to meet some people who are ancient by universe standards.
     I have been wondering since it happened. Was it my guardian angel or some other angel who saved me from dying in that car accident I was in?

ALLEGENTIA:       Even though there are angelic interventions from time to time, they are few and far between. The First Law is to respect the freewill of others. So we do not tamper with the normal outcome of individual lives unless there is a very good reason. If it is necessary, and we are instructed to do so, we would intervene on behalf of some special individual, usually a person of destiny like Abraham or Moses. Providential intervention is invoked very rarely. It saddens and motivates us mightily that so many humans have died unjustly at each other’s hands, but the best way for us to make things better is to continue helping each individual reach for a better spiritual attitude. Saving people from harm is not usually part of what we do.

ANGELA:       Well, I saw it coming and then I was unconscious until I woke up after surgery. But everyone told me I should not have survived.

ALLEGENTIA:       It was probably a combination of your will to live and the skill of the people who helped you. They were your real angels that day.

ANGELA:       Okay, but you said angels can help in certain circumstances?

ALLEGENTIA:       Angels and other high personalities can become visible with the help of a type of being called an Energy Transformer who can manipulate the light waves in order for the human eye to see the angelic form.
     There are also some beings who are midway between humans and angels. We call them semi-seraphs, and although they have some of the characteristics of angels, they are not true angels. Nonetheless, since they are normally outside your range of vision you have referred to them as angels. Because they are so close to your material makeup they can interact with matter when they need to.
     But, again, no one interferes with the freewill of humans. Although there was a time, a couple hundred thousand years ago, at the time of the Lucifer rebellion, when some semi-seraphs joined the default, and this is the reason you have legends and myths about evil spirits and vicious ghosts. But the last of them were removed from the planet at Pentecost.

ANGELA:       Why at Pentecost?

ALLEGENTIA:       Pentecost was a pivotal moment in your history. Jesus accomplished many things while on Earth or just after he left; one of the most important was that he ended the Lucifer rebellion. Jesus promised to pour out his spirit and this he did on Pentecost. In addition to bestowing this new Spirit of Truth and Beauty to the human mindscape he also opened up the universal bestowal of the Spirit of the Father. Since it was also the end of an epochal dispensation, he sent a special corps of seraphic teachers to begin a new era of enlarged revelation.

ANGELA:       No wonder things have been different since he was here.

ALLEGENTIA:       Because of his wonderful life and teachings greater numbers of individuals are striving diligently to be spirit taught and divinely led. As a result we have also needed to steadily increase the number of guardian angels as the centuries have gone by.

ANGELA:       Not to mention the increase of population.
     Will you be there when I wake up on the other side? Will I see my guardian angel right away?

ALLEGENTIA:       No, I will not be there. We recognize there will be a transition shock. But do not worry; you will have plenty of help to adapt. There is much spiritual assistance including resurrection companions and advanced mortals to show you the ropes.
     Your guardian angels (there are a pair of them) are with us on this journey so they can be with you, first thing, on the other side. As a matter of fact, they must to be with you since they are essential to the process of your rebirth. Guardian seraphim stay with their human charges as faithful friends and protectors all the way from their nativity planet on up to the shores of Paradise.

ANGELA:       I have two guardian angels? Surely, I am not that important, am I?

ALLEGENTIA:       Everyone is supremely important because everyone is loved by The Absolute. God loves you absolutely, both the actual you and the potentially eternal you.
     All guardian angels, all lower order angels in fact, are created in complementary pairs. We are so perfectly matched we often use the singular angel to refer to these collaborative pairs. My twin is with us in this convoy. We can and do act alone but are always on assignment together. Guardians of destiny work tirelessly for your welfare.
     Each human is served by angels, but not individually at first. Less spiritually developed people have fewer needs so they are served by group guardian angels. But rest assured, they make sure everyone’s needs are met and there are always enough angels to get the job done right. When someone needs individual attention, they get it. An individual person is not assigned a personal pair of guardian angels until they attain a specific threshold of intellectual, spiritual, and moral accomplishment; and you have reached this plateau.

ANGELA:       It is nice to hear that. So my guardian angels have something to do with my re-assembly on this new world we are going to?

ALLEGENTIA:       Yes, they hold in sacred trust your life records and some of the essentials of your survival character. They are also an important link in the final initializing life-spark in order for you to become self-conscious again.
     Your new body is made specifically for you, designed to take into account who you are. The most basic consideration is your unique personality. Your original planetary energy systems are used as a foundation. Peoples from other planets are given a body type familiar to their origins. The multiracial genetics and heredity of your previous body have been left behind but they will be taken into account since they were fundamental in your mind’s identity. Your angels of assignment help the Body Crafters finish in loving detail the most appropriate features of your new countenance based on your soul’s progress and their personal knowledge of your true nature and temperament.
     Then the Universe Mother Spirit lays down a new mind energy system to integrate with all of your actual and potential experiences. This enhanced mind has a depth and width many times more expansive than the one you just left. As a matter of fact it is more directly connected to the cosmic mind. It will fill every need and, when you require, you will use it to tap into enlarged spiritual concepts.
     The final adjustments are made by your personal Divine Spirit. With the return of this Spirit Presence all of your thoughts, memories, soul, and personality, are brought together into a cohesive and coordinated whole – your personal and unique identity. When all is in place the Universe Mother Spirit brings you back to life. When you wake up you will literally be exactly the same person you were when you left Earth. You will then begin your new life with your new body and mind, in a new environment, in which to move and grow.

ANGELA:       The Universe Mother Spirit?

ALLEGENTIA:       The Universe Mother Spirit is a daughter of the third person of the Trinity, the Infinite Spirit. The Universe Mother Spirit is the source of all pattern, mind, and life in the local universe. It seems to you as if your mind is separate and distinct from everyone else’s mind. You are correct in this feeling in that you have free range to explore and piece together all manner of interesting mental, physical, and spiritual phenomenon in your mind. Yet the Universe Mother Spirit is the mind circuit within which thinking of all types for all of us takes place. Your material mind-link was, of course, automatically severed from your human brain when your body died. You are conscious now through my (and Her) interaction with your soul-mind. In this unique state you are free to explore, concentrate, and understand without the impediments of your first material body.

ANGELA:       I am looking forward to getting my new body. It will be fun to have a young, healthy body again. Many people figured there would be some major changes in heaven, and I guess there will, but it makes sense I will be the same person with my own thoughts and experiences.

ALLEGENTIA:       You are right to know you are a unique person. Your personality is fundamentally who you are. It is your constant cosmic self and the locus of your spirit identity. But for now, and for a long time, until you attain the status of a true spirit being, your personality will shine through your soul’s character patterns. This character was formed by the thoughts you pursued, the decisions you made, the attitudes you held, and the experiences you had in your former life. It will continue to grow in the same way. As a matter of fact, the creation of your soul was a joint effort of Spirit direction and mind choice, with the overcontrol of your personality. On Earth your brain was the seat of your consciousness, soon your soul will be.

ANGELA:       How can the personality be the “constant cosmic self?” When my mother got Alzheimer’s disease her personality changed quite a bit.

ALLEGENTIA:       It was not the personality changing; it is always the same. Her behavioral changes were brought on by a disruption in the brain-mind link. A healthy brain is essential to normal physical functioning, and can provide a good connection with the mind. But the brain can be damaged and it can degrade with age. As long as the brain is functioning at all, the mind will work with what is available. Since you are now free from your brain, your soul-mind is able to function without any physical handicaps. But once you are in your new body, all of your connections will return with all of your important mind/memory imprints reintegrated, intact, and properly aligned.

ANGELA:       I see. That improved mind connection sounds excellent. But I thought my spirit and my soul were pretty much the same thing. If my soul is made up of my choices, what is my Spirit?

ALLEGENTIA:       Your Spirit is the source of God-consciousness. It is the pilot showing you how to integrate with the universe. It is the father of your soul; your mind would be the mother in this analogy. The Spirit holds the reservoir of all potential spirit value and maintains and retains the spiritual values you have attained. For now you feel your connection with God mostly through faith-insight, and faith always moves you closer to your Spirit. So close, in fact, that your personality and soul will someday fuse with your Spirit.

ANGELA:       I’m getting the idea. The closer I get to God the more these separate parts are meshed together into a cohesive unity.

ALLEGENTIA:       You are getting it. Your physical life was primarily a quest for sustenance, safety, shelter, health, pleasure, and wealth; and some of these earthly concerns remain, but your life in the future will be more focused on intelligent co-operation through spiritual brotherhood. Your best course, for now, is to build your soul by an active quest to solidify your positive qualities, old and new, with your personality. Your mind will be greatly stimulated by various investigations to integrate meanings.

ANGELA:       There seems to be more to the soul than we thought there was on Earth.

ALLEGENTIA:       That there is. This is all somewhat complex but I will give you some more of the basics. Just remember, soon it will all come back together into a single recognizable self.
     As we’ve said before, your soul is most importantly the values you have chosen, lived, and personalized. These are the new realities you have created in liaison with your Spirit. Your soul can discern values, not only because it is literally made of them, but also because it is so closely linked with the Spirit, the doorway to all divine ideals; and it is tied to the mind, the perceiver of the various phases of reality.
     Your soul and your Spirit, separately, are holding your mind patterns – the unique way you think. You have set up a mind-matrix which must be preserved and, of course, it will be perfectly synchronized with your new body. If, when you regain full consciousness, this thought process had changed, you would notice. You do not lose anything of value, nor are you given anything you have not earned. Your mind-matrix is your creation. We do not tamper with it, no matter how much it could be improved. There will be ample opportunity for you to change and develop a more complex and complete way of thinking as you continue to grow.
     Your soul can recognize truth, beauty, and goodness. This ability is also a part of your mind, personality, and spirit circuits and if you allow them to work in concert, they form a powerful resonance with which you can awaken a true appreciation of the cosmic perspective. All of this is part of God’s infinite plan.

ANGELA:       God’s infinite plan? That sounds like a lot of potential.

ALLEGENTIA:       You are right. As a new being on Earth you had a certain amount of potential inherent in your creature identity available for your spiritual growth. Not many humans are capable of living up to all of their resident potentials before they leave their first body. Actual achievements were limited by choices and opportunities. What you did not activate before you died are now added to your new Progress World potentials. You will continue to enjoy the successes you have already achieved, and you will convert your potentials into actuals as you learn to socialize with others, understand the structure of the universe, and integrate ever more advanced concepts and values.
     Who you are is always less than who you can become. Likewise the range of what you can accomplish is always wider than you can easily attain. At this moment, you are almost all potential with very little actual. Even the oldest and wisest person on Earth simply had too little time to actualize much of their immense potential.

ANGELA:       It is starting to make sense why we need more time to grow. I understand each of our parts has a function and is coordinated with every other part, and I guess I did feel them as distinct aspects of the whole me when I was back on Earth.

ALLEGENTIA:       Your soul-mind-Spirit-personality connection is restored to the exact degree it had developed at the time the bonds were detached by physical death. It is instructive to describe each of these functions alone or in combination but, as you experienced on Earth, you are a unified being and you know yourself as one whole person.
     Humans are similar to snowflakes which begin with a central mote around which a unique crystal grows. Your central spiritual particle is the soul. What shape and dimensions the snow crystal takes are determined by humidity, temperature, wind, and what it encounters on its way to the ground. Your soul is likewise effected. I can see your soul just as easily as you could look at a snowflake under a microscope. Its form is distinct and striking. Just as there are no ugly snowflakes, every soul is unique and beautiful.

ANGELA:       Can anyone else see my soul?

ALLEGENTIA:       Your soul is no longer hidden. When you were on Earth it was known only with the eyes of love. From now on, who you are will show in your countenance. You will not be able to put your light under a basket. Throughout the afterlife your body will seem to grow younger as you grow in grace, and your appearance will accurately reflect the beauty of your soul.
     Value laden decisions, ideas, ideals, experiences, memories, and attitude will accumulate in your soul. Just as physical gravity responds to more mass, so too does spiritual gravity respond to more positive soul energy.

ANGELA:       I appreciate all you have given me to think about. I’m sure I will refer to all of this in the future.