[ Setting: A small chapel. ]

BETTY:       Thank you for this beautiful chapel; it makes me feel very close to God.
     I’m surprised I had no trouble following you and understanding the information you were presenting in your opening address. My mind seems so clear now. It was very befuddled when I was an old lady.

ALLEGENTIA:       You are experiencing a more direct form of communication now. While you were on Earth, at the end of your long life, your brain-mind connection was not optimum. Part of your current clarity is because you are comparing it with the lack you so recently were living with. Soon you will have a new mind and a new body, but everything will remain clear.

BETTY:       How will my new mind work?

ALLEGENTIA:       It will function in much the same way as you are used too. As a matter of fact, except for the clarity, you will not notice any difference until angels and advanced humans teach you the different manifestations of internal and external communication. You are already familiar with some of what the mind can do from using it during your first life but you will soon begin to practice how to use its entire range of capabilities all the way up to high Spirit contact.

BETTY:       I tried the best I could while I was alive to think smart but many things were beyond me. I would very much appreciate the lessons you are talking about.

ALLEGENTIA:       Your previous brain-mind connection was often not the most efficient because the brain was subject to genetics, habits, diet, drugs, and age. The mind, being from a divine source, always works as it is meant to. The manner in which the mind is used on Earth can be somewhat disorganized. Your new mind will integrate with your new body so any haphazard connections will be straightened out. But, like any complicated tool, to get the most out of it you will need to use it wisely. It was, and always will be, subject to your will.

BETTY:       Why does it need to be so complicated? I thought heaven would be easy.

ALLEGENTIA:       There is a lot to learn. But isn’t it always like that? You would have said your life in the flesh was complicated if someone had tried to explained what it would really be like when you were a child. And yet you were eager to live it. Heaven is just the same, only you now have a lifetime to fall back on to understand what is happening. And we angels will help.

BETTY:       Okay, that makes sense but I will probably need a lot of help. Can you tell me when I will see God?

ALLEGENTIA:       God the Father is the most Spiritual Being of all. It takes a long time to acquire the spiritual capacity to actually stand in his presence. We are all works in progress. First you must learn to see spiritual beings who are closer to, but just slightly higher than, your own level. By extending and expanding your spiritual vision, and your cosmic insight, your consciousness will be enlarged. As you grow in grace and accumulate values within your soul you will be better equipped to move toward God. As you become more spiritual you will not only extend your physical senses sensitive to more refined types of energy but will also acquire new spiritual senses responsive to higher spiritual personalities.

BETTY:       It doesn’t sound as if I’ll be seeing him anytime soon then.

ALLEGENTIA:       God pervades every space, all time, and beyond. He is not only above his creation; he is also within his creation. If he turned away from anyone or anything they or it would cease to exist instantly. When you look forward to stages of greater and greater reality, he is there; and when you look back you will remember his presence where you were.
     God is a person and you are a person. Even now he is in constant contact with you.

BETTY:       When I spoke to God on Earth, I often heard him answer me. Why would it not be possible for me to see God now that you say I will be getting a more spiritual body?

ALLEGENTIA:       Your new body is a mix of the physical and the spiritual, but only slightly more spiritual than physical. You will feel some very pronounced differences but you will soon get used to them. Everyone is given a body appropriate to their level of spiritual development and soul accomplishment.
     You will always be able to hear God in your soul, but seeing him takes a great deal of spiritual growth to match even a minimum of his magnificence. You will see him at the earliest possible moment; until then listen.

BETTY:       I always enjoyed talking with God. I felt closest to him when we would chat.

ALLEGENTIA:       Most communications humans attribute to God are not directly from him. This is why you will need to learn how to expand your spiritual capacity. But you were not totally wrong because the Spirit of God is within you, and your personality can make direct contact with The Original Personality. Direct contact with God is through the personality not the mind; and eventually your personality will be the master of your mind and soul.

BETTY:       Well, whoever I heard it felt like God to me but what about Moses? Did he speak directly with God? Was there ever anyone who had a genuine talk with God?

ALLEGENTIA:       I have no doubt you spoke to God and he with you, in his own way.
     Moses was a special teacher but he did not speak with God externally. He did listen to God within, just as any person can, although he was a very good listener. He also got many of his advanced ideas passed down to him from Abraham who had the advantage of speaking with Melchizedek face-to-face.

BETTY:       I remember Melchizedek, the king of Salem and the priest of the Most High. Abraham gave him a tenth of his kingdom.

ALLEGENTIA:       That’s right he was an important agent of God on Earth. He is still there helping but no longer in a human body.
     It is not so much the talking to God, few do not turn to him, at least in times of trouble or jubilation. The confusion comes when people seem to receive an auditory answer. God the Father, as an absolute, cannot touch the finite in any one place or any one person exclusively. He touches it everywhere and in everyone at all times. That being said, he is also the most intimate spiritual presence you have within you. He has designed the Universe and all of its patterns to fit any contingency; and communication with his children is certainly important to him. Initially, he has provided the personality circuit. Also, he devised other pathways, a down-stepping of persons, to connect the infinite to the finite. Communication comes through all of these avenues. Your prayers are heard and answered mostly by the angelic corps. Your needs are known and a vast network of hands and hearts are in place to help you grow and become more like Him.

BETTY:       When I was talking to him who was I hearing?

ALLEGENTIA:       You may have heard him through the personality circuit, or the echo of your own mind, or the leadings of your guardian angels.
     There are four primary connections between humans and the divine: the personal, spiritual, mindal, and physical. You are connected with God directly or indirectly on all of them. Most experience of direct person to Person communication is actually indirect, through one of these other channels. For instance, I am an angel of the Lord talking with you right now. If you heard my voice while on Earth you would be very tempted to report a conversation with God. Spirit communication is not a word language, although there have been times when it was important to speak in human words to certain individuals. This was always done by an angel or some other being (who you would call an angel) closer to your physical status.

BETTY:       I see what you mean now, the meaning is deeper than the words. I remember one time in particular I was feeling devastated when I suddenly lost my best friend. The grief was so extreme I asked God why I was alive. A feeling of love filled my heart and I heard him say, “Because I AM.” But the answer was not in the words, (it may not even have been words) it was in the love and the clarity behind it. It was really a very complete and satisfying answer. It touched my soul deeply.

ALLEGENTIA:       You must have been in a very receptive state of mind. I too have had such deep “conversations” with him. He always leaves me with much more information than I was aware I needed. And that intense feeling of love is always present. In his being we are becoming.

BETTY:       Okay, I understand I need to become more spiritual before I can actually “see” the Father but I can still talk with him. Will I be able to meet Jesus any time soon?

ALLEGENTIA:       In a very real sense Christ Michael is God. Jesus is the head of a local universe which will eventually grow to be ten million planets. Each of the individual persons on all of those planets are eager to meet their Maker some time after they finish their life on their nativity planet. But Michael, or Jesus as he was called during his bestowal on your planet, does have a soft spot for his children from Earth. You will be extremely busy during the early phases of your transition on the Progress Worlds. You will see Jesus on the news and at group events, but you will get to visit with him personally some time, although it will probably be quite awhile before you get a formal invitation.
     You could easily have a chat with him, though, if you are in the right place at the right time. Not long ago I was present when he was visiting our local nursery world. He spent a considerable amount of time speaking with the mothers and fathers who had recently come from their first planets. As you know, Jesus has always had a great fondness for the little children.

BETTY:       I look forward to all of it. It will be interesting to see how things are actually done in heaven. It sounds like they are very different than I thought they would be.

ALLEGENTIA:       You will learn quickly. The better your decisions align with God’s nature, the more sensitive you will be to his voice showing you the right way.