[ Setting: An empty diner. ]

AESCHYLUS:       It all seems rather foolish and desperate now. I suppose you know I committed suicide.

ALLEGENTIA:       There are many different reasons people have taken their own lives. What was your motive?

AESCHYLUS:       I was a failure. I could not live up to the demands life put on me. I got in over my head on credit cards, tuition, and I am ashamed to say, gambling. Then I stole some things from my boss and I was caught. Everything just piled up on me and I felt there was no way out. I simply couldn’t live with the pain anymore, and jail scared the hell out of me. Maybe it was the depression but it was all so bleak and hopeless.

ALLEGENTIA:       The angels have a saying, “If you fail, will you find the courage to try again?” You may have had some natural physical problems, and we are sympathetic to chemical and neural imbalances, but you cannot blame your suicide totally on depression. Everything is always taken into consideration, but you are still responsible for your actions.
     There were several positive options you refused to believe were available. You had many opportunities to face, and overcome, your difficulties and temptations. If you had done so you would have developed the qualities needed to carry on.
     Nevertheless, I see you have some remorse in your soul. In order to feel ashamed you had to have had a moral sensibility. To judge yourself inferior, you had to have a sense of the superior. Animals cannot see the meaning of life; therefore they do not kill themselves. You chose to escape the reality of the moment. Fear not, you are being given a fresh chance to expand your horizons.

AESCHYLUS:       I know I am fortunate to be given this break. But why? I know I failed.

ALLEGENTIA:       You are the product of your entire life not just your last act. You did make some good choices in your short life and from these you created a viable soul. Your bad choices did diminish your soul but not enough to extinguish it. Now you know there is hope. You can begin again with a new vision. Look at your future dispassionately; see yourself overcoming difficulties and laughing at your disappointments; open yourself to new possibilities. You can create a new you to compare to the old you. Suicide is often also a plea for help. We will help.

AESCHYLUS:       I really do need it. I want to do better. Thank you very much.

ALLEGENTIA:       Your first lessons will be to understand the nature of our help. We cannot give you the courage you need. We will encourage you to resist your old habits, but you need to take the initiative. Your new attitude is a good first step. We will offer you guidance and options, but you must act. Angels work to help you adapt to your new situation (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), but we are ever vigilant against allowing you to settle into some heavenly form of indolence. Always will you need to see the greater reward in striving for an ever-higher consciousness. Build on your accomplishments and your failures will fade into the distance. Prepare yourself for an adventure.

AESCHYLUS:       Okay, I hear you loud and clear. I will give it my best shot. Thanks again.