[ Setting: Floating on puffy cartoon clouds with a rack of golden harps nearby. ]

NORMAN:       I love what you’ve done with the place. The harps are a nice touch.

ALLEGENTIA:       I knew you would like it. I call it Cloud Point-Nine. I’ll let your guardian angel show you the genuine Cloud Nine up yonder.

NORMAN:       That would be most excellent. I figure I have quite a few yards to go to get all the way up to a full nine.
     What I really need to know is the answer to the burning question of the ages: how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

ALLEGENTIA:       It depends whether we are doing the fox-trot or the tango.
     Maybe you can join the corps of Celestial Humorists when we get there. Wit, relaxation, entertainment, travel, variety, and fun are all essential facets of the growth process. It is especially rewarding looking back on your previous experiences. When you are able to see your past behavior in an amusing light you can give yourself permission to forgive yourself. It is a true blessing and a necessary attitude adjustment before you can go on. Relieving the stress of the daily grind allows you to relive your enjoyable moments and to feel the real substance of your accomplishments. Once you know how to successfully adjust your thoughts and attitudes, you will be able to look at your future with a joyous heart.

NORMAN:       I like to learn and work hard, but I also like to play and laugh. I had no doubts they were all spiritual pursuits. I’m not sure how good a humorist I would be though; my wife laughed at all my jokes so I have no idea what is really funny.

ALLEGENTIA:       Spiritual attainment is a complete and harmonious package of all the qualities from the serious to the silly. We know the importance of variety, and encourage an individual to first balance them and then to fuse them into a cohesive whole.

NORMAN:       Well that’s good, “All work and no play…” as the saying goes.

ALLEGENTIA:       It actually goes a bit deeper than that. You use energy with your physical labors but also with your thought efforts. Humor is one of the surest shortcuts you can take to new truth. Some truth will be a shock to your current way of thinking. If you can juxtapose your currently held idea with the new one in just the right way, you will gain a quick insight. Then you will be better able to put your mind to rest while transferring your thinking to the higher value concept.

NORMAN:       Well, we used to joke around a lot at the bus station where I worked. We all appreciated how humor could be a safety valve. It was always easier to not take myself so seriously by lubricating the skids of life with a bit of laughter. Now an angel is my bus driver, how cool is that?

ALLEGENTIA:       Because you have practiced jocularity, you will have an easier time of it as you grow. Lightheartedness in the face of struggle, and the skill to calmly carry on after defeat or disappointment, is a key ingredient in the acquisition of humility.

NORMAN:       I can see that. Death is one of those things most of us considered to be an inevitable failure. So, I guess now is a good time to carry on with what is coming next with a positive outlook.
     So, here’s one for you. An angel goes into a bar and asks, “Do you serve Spirits?…”

ALLEGENTIA:       I hope so. I could use a drink.

NORMAN:       By the way, are there bars in heaven?

ALLEGENTIA:       There are social establishments serving energy, food, and drink. But do not expect to get drunk. Alcohol can be produced but it will not have the same kick as it did on your old body. Everything consumed is turned into energy, although energy has a wide range of frequencies, and each one produces a different feeling in the body. Back on Earth turning your food into energy was a complex process of breaking down plant and animal matter for your body to use. You will still need sustenance, but there are purer forms of nourishment. And you will be glad to know your new body will be adjusted to receive the finer frequency of humor much better than your old one did.

NORMAN:       In that case I’d like to order an amusing ambrosia with a side of chuckle cheese chortles. And to drink, I think a tall glass of giggles with fizzing felicific foam.

ALLEGENTIA:       And for dessert?

NORMAN:       I believe cherry chocolate cheesecake with some jimmies on top would be nice.

ALLEGENTIA:       Coming right up. How about some mirthful melody mood music in the background?

NORMAN:       Thank you kindly.