[ Setting: Front porch of a home looking out on a large lawn on a soft Spring day ]

MERRILY:     Hello. I’m Merrily.

ALLEGENTIA:     Hello Merrily. I’m Allegentia. It is nice to meet you.

MERRILY:     Oh my, this is my porch! But not exactly. And, of course, it cannot be. This porch is perfect. When we sold the house after my husband died it badly needed a new coat of paint. They built condos here – or I guess I should say, there.
     Oh, it is so amazing to meet an angel. Please do sit down.

ALLEGENTIA:     Thank you. I chose this place because it represents one of your fondest memories.

MERRILY:     You’re right about that. My family spent many hours out here, playing, planning, watching the sun rise and set; just enjoying each other’s company. My husband and I spent such wonderful times talking about the kids, exchanging opinions, or just sitting holding hands on this swing. He was a very religious man and we often spoke about God and how to live the way He would want us to. When the kids got older we would include them in the discussions. You have created the perfect setting for our conversation. Thank you and welcome to my porch.

ALLEGENTIA:     Thank you for your hospitality. What are you curious about? What can I tell you?

MERRILY:     Let’s start at the beginning. What’s next? What happens first when I wake up?

ALLEGENTIA:     Very practical; when faced with a new situation it is always a good idea to begin by gathering information. The first valuable piece of information you were hoping for, and now you are sure it is a fact, is your survival of physical death. The soul you created is your ticket to the other side. I said earlier that everything you need will be provided, but  you do not gain anything you have not already earned, or justly deserve, simply because your body died. When you begin again on the other side you will continue from where you left off.

MERRILY:     Where will I wake up? How will I know what to do when I get there?

ALLEGENTIA:     You will first come awake in a private, quiet room. This room is within the enormous Resurrection Halls. A million people from a thousand worlds can be accommodated in this magnificent edifice. We keep these rooms very sparse so you will not be overwhelmed with too much external stimuli. You will be attended by an angel called a Resurrection Companion, and one or two guardian angels who will be there to assist you. In addition to the angels there may also be a human associate, but not a family member, to help you adjust. They will be your initial source for answers for your opening barrage of questions.
    You will be guided internally by the character patterns you developed from your life on Earth. Each person builds up a unique manifestation of  values as they move through their life. These are still with you and you will use them as you step into your new future.
    You will awaken in a prone position and then be helped to sit and then to stand. There is a mirror for you to inspect your new body, and comfortable clothes for you to wear. You will never forget your reintegration, your actual resurrection from your first to your second life. You will need to get used to using your new body, not that it will be awkward or difficult to master. It functions much as a healthy body on Earth, with a few pleasant surprises, but it will be new and joyous to inhabit.
    Nearby, inside the resurrection halls, there is a playground with exercise equipment, places to run, dance, climb, swim, slide, and any other physical activity you can think of. You will have fun and get an idea of the extents and limits of your new semi-physical body. Coming to life again is very exhilarating, especially for those who did not have the full use of their bodies or were in the debilitating stages of old age.

MERRILY:     That sounds fantastic. Wow, a new planet and a new body!

ALLEGENTIA:     You will see, hear, and feel a lot of differences, both internally and especially externally, as you adapt to your new surroundings. Initially a lot of people need to know why things are not as they expected them to be. We will help clear this up. Then we will give you an idea of what is possible. These new facts will push the boundaries of what you thought were achievable. I trust you will enjoy the learning and growing process.

MERRILY:     I believe I will. So what happens after the Resurrection Hall?

ALLEGENTIA:     You will be taken to your new residence. Some are close by others are father away, but it usually takes a good while to get there since you will be seeing and sensing one new thing after another along the way. You will be spending much of your time in the early days getting reacquainted with your family and loved ones. Of course, you will get to meet as many of your relatives as you wish. Although most of your distant ancestors have gone on to more advanced stages, so they will not be on hand. Nonetheless, you will meet them eventually.
    Your first assignments will be to help your guardian angels with whatever work they see needs to be done. It matters little what you do; you are simply getting back on your feet. And there will be lots of time to visit different places. In the Hall of Archives you can look in the records for the full and detailed history of your nativity planet, other planets, and even the history of the universe.
    Many people, Christian and non-Christian alike take delight in reviewing the magnificent life Jesus led while he was on Earth. Once they see his life in a cosmic context their eyes are opened to the true nature of his impressive message and who he really is. There are also other important lives which have been opened to the public by permission of the individuals involved.

MERRILY:     It will be exciting meeting ancestors I never had a chance to know. I did a bit of genealogy back home and I know there were some interesting characters in my family tree.
    Tell me more about this new body I will be receiving. Will I still be female?

ALLEGENTIA:     Male and female are most accurately a functional sex designation. You will continue to look and feel female, and those who were male will continue to look and feel male, but there is no more procreation available. Your new body will not be designed to give birth.
    Your personal sense of being female will be with you for a very long time but it will be refined as you grow. The female and male viewpoints will continue to intrigue and counterbalance each other for most of your universe lives, but the uniqueness of each personality will progressively become more recognized as the real difference between individuals.

MERRILY:     Good, I would not feel comfortable not feeling like myself. You mentioned the Resurrection Halls accommodating people from a thousand worlds. So there is life on other planets? And we will get to meet exotic people?

ALLEGENTIA:     The universe is teeming with God’s children. Your contact with people from other planets will be one of your most intriguing adventures. You will become friends with people who even your most imaginative authors could not have envisioned. They will find you, and you them, astonishingly fascinating. Although their body form will be similar to yours it will reflect their unique planetary origin.

MERRILY:     That sounds exciting. I love to travel and you mentioned 57 worlds. How long will I be on Progress World number one?

ALLEGENTIA:     Depending upon a person’s native planetary status, their spiritual maturity and the like, they will spend a lesser or greater amount of time there. Since you are a relatively more advanced soul, you will probably not stay there long – maybe only a few dozen years – and then you will move on to world number two. There is a lot to get used to and so much you were not exposed to on your isolated planet.
    On a normal world, the same age as your Earth, your personal, social, and spiritual integration would have been more systematically nurtured. Yet you have attained other advantages from living on your chaotic planet; however there are deficiencies, missed opportunities, things ignored or not given as much emphasis as required. These will all need to be remedied on the first four Progress Worlds and their satellites. Then you will be ready to move on to your real education on the rest of these worlds and beyond.
    And, by the way, time is reckoned differently there. A day is almost three of your Earth days. So “a few dozen years” would be closer to a hundred years in earth time.

MERRILY:     That’s longer than I was alive on Earth! I guess I will have to adjust to thinking of time in a new way. So I take it ours was not a “normal world?”

ALLEGENTIA:     You grew up on a very different planet than most. That is not to say all other planets are identical or even similar. They all have unique biological development, and each has a unique history. Typical evolutionary planets have help from the outside: visible, advanced beings living physical lives with the natives. Your Adam and Eve would still be on Earth helping to guide and educate humankind had they not succumbed to pride and impatience.
    Most planets are connected to a local cosmic network informing them of the larger scheme extant throughout the universe, therefore most people know they are not alone in the cosmos. We have done what we could with Earth but it has been in isolation since the Lucifer Rebellion, except for Adam and Eve’s short stay.

MERRILY:     Alien worlds, the Lucifer Rebellion, a cosmic network – how else was Earth different from these normal worlds?

ALLEGENTIA:     There are always so many questions and you will have plenty of time to get more detailed information once you are on the other side.
    On a normal planet the entire population, more or less, moves together toward scientific, philosophical, and religious enlightenment. Your planet, on the other hand, has had to deal with a very broad range of circumstances all mixed up together as you stumble along. Not only do you have a myriad of differing cultures and a plethora of conflicting religions, but even within these stabilizing social structures you have large numbers of individuals with a wide range of enlightenment – from the primitive to the progressive, from the belligerent to the benevolent. All of this is known and understood by the angels helping you with your future life choices.

MERRILY:     How will angels help with life choices?

ALLEGENTIA:     Angels who specialize in transition ministry will show you where you are in your mental and spiritual growth. They will help you see how much you have accomplished so far and some of what is possible. There is a great divide between the physical human animal you left behind and the true spirit presence you can become. You are now classified as a pre-spirit. These angels are able to see how several pathways will play out given who you are and what you have already attained. They take into account many other factors, but particularly your personality, and they will help you choose from a wide range of activities and careers to pursue as you work your way forward toward your spiritual goals.
    All education is tailored to the current character formation and soul growth of the individual. Sometimes confusing or downright hostile circumstances, such as are evident on Earth, can be an advantage. What you humans experienced helped create certain positive traits not usually developed on normal planets.

MERRILY:     Well, I have always been a take-things-in-stride kind of gal. It sounds like everything will be taken into account, but how much say will I have in my future? I spent my time on Earth as a mother and a wife and had many other interests but I did have to leave behind some of my girlhood dreams as I grew up. For instance, I am sorry I did not learn to play the piano.

ALLEGENTIA:     You will be intimately involved in the whole process; you should mention your musical interests to the Transition Seraphim. And not to worry, you will be able to actively pursue your fondest dreams and any worthwhile goal you wish. You have just begun to grow. Most of your potential is before you. Almost anything will be of value in moving you forward. You will not be restricted to some narrow road. On the contrary, a wide range of interests will help you create a broad-minded outlook.

MERRILY:     It sounds like I will be very busy and have plenty of help and company.

ALLEGENTIA:     We will respect your privacy but when you want to share your experiences, someone will always be available. In addition to other newly arrived souls and people from Earth who have been here awhile and know the ropes, there are also guardian angels, Progress World companions, friends, and relatives. There is also a whole phalanx of angels to fulfill every need you may have.

MERRILY:     I didn’t expect so much personal attention. For what kinds of things will I need so many helpers?

ALLEGENTIA:     You will be speaking with people who use different languages, and even though you will have a device which can cross-link words, Translator Angels will be available. As you associate with people from different worlds you will need angels who can bridge the vast cultural differences of  planetary divides. When you want to go visiting, there are angels who are living maps. They will not only give you directions but be your cheerful and efficient guides. In order to get to your on-planet destinations there are physical transportation devices but if you are going to an adjacent world you will need a transport seraphim much like myself. I am moving your soul over a very long distance but they will be able to move your entire body over relatively short distances.
    But do not make the embarrassing mistake of thinking angels are your servants or slaves. We love to serve but we are not beneath you. You will meet no angel who is less than two hundred thousand years old, and most of us are hundreds of times older.

MERRILY:     You have given me some interesting things to think about. It sounds like I will be well taken care of when I get there. Will I dream while we are traveling? For that matter, will I sleep and dream in heaven?

ALLEGENTIA:     You will not dream on this journey. You will be awake and aware for a short time to reflect on our conversation and to anticipate your next life, but then you will drift off into unconsciousness. But sleep and an active dream life are still needed on the other side, at least until worshipful rejuvenation becomes your normal recharging technique. The brain-mind connection needs to dream. The mind attached to your human brain has been disengaged by death, yet a renewed mind along with your new body will be provided.

MERRILY:     But didn’t you say we would be talking mind-to-mind?

ALLEGENTIA:     Yes I did, and so we are. What you are experiencing now is a special state of consciousness; you are yet to be fully reintegrated, body, mind, and soul. There are different phases of mind, from the mind attached to plants and animals on up to the unlimited mind of the Infinite Spirit. We are using your soul-mind to communicate now.
    You are in possession of the soul you built over your lifetime. That soul is part of the cosmos. It has value. Spirit has mind in and of itself – and your soul has spirit-mind, rudimentary certainly, but it does have an element of spirit.
    When you wake up you will be given a mind expanded from the one you had on Earth. It will be attuned to your new brain but the range of what you can do with it on the other side is broader and deeper. Since you were of normal intelligence, you will not notice much difference at first because every link will be restored just as it was. If you had abused or damaged your human brain, you would, of course notice a big jump in clarity.

MERRILY:     Oh, I see. I’m glad we could have this conversation, thank you. I feel like I have a leg up on my new life. I look forward to meeting my family and making new friends.
    And now it will feel like no time has passed ‘til I get to be born again?

ALLEGENTIA:     That’s right. I’ll get you there in a blink.