ALLEGENTIA:     Well my sister, you are radiant, as usual.

AAROWYN:     Hello, sis, it is good to connect with you again. How have your conversations been going?

ALLEGENTIA:     They have been even more interesting than usual this trip. Although there is no conscious sorting of the souls among us, I have had a very intelligent bunch, full of open curiosity. Once they get settled on the other side they will learn quickly. And yours?

AAROWYN:     I have many young souls needing mostly basic information. But I do have a higher percentage of more advanced souls than in the past, so I too have had some fascinating discussions. It is nice to see progress being made on the planet as a whole.

ALLEGENTIA:     We have to take heart in incremental positive changes.

AAROWYN:     We certainly serve an intriguing planet. I am so glad the problems are diminishing for these good people, and the next stage of enlightenment is dawning.

ALLEGENTIA:     We, of course, have the perspective of time. It is difficult for most humans to agree collective enlightenment is much closer. To be unable to see the long view in the midst of such confusion is understandable.

AAROWYN:     So true, but only in the face of such difficulties are so many wonderful qualities developed. It is inevitable.

ALLEGENTIA:     Sadly, good and evil are still on the same footing in many minds. Fortunately the dawning realization of God’s absolute goodness is putting evil in its time-constrained place. And the Angels of the Churches have noted a gradual but significant shift by the institutional religions away from their restrictive, structured framework; allowing greater freedoms of individual thought and a more direct connection with God.

AAROWYN:     Another sure and certain sign of the world’s spiritual progress is the increased need for larger numbers of personal guardian seraphim, and not simply because there is a higher population, the percentage of guardians is rising. The number of truly good people is increasing.

ALLEGENTIA:     Yes, their God concept is growing, although it is heartbreakingly sad so many still fear The Father. What a shame for many people to go through life dreading the day of their death because they do not trust in God’s love to bring them gently through this necessary transition in the most appropriate way possible. Of course, when they do discover the truth they certainly experience great depths of relief and waves of joy they otherwise would not have known. It is such a privilege to share in their delight as we give them the good news.

AAROWYN:     I agree, it is one of the best parts of this assignment; to watch as a soul responds to the beauty of goodness as the truth is revealed.
     I also found the Angels of Progress report very promising this visit. I noted the latest Revelation we inaugurated not long ago is beginning to spread a better idea of reality, especially of the Father’s true nature and attributes.

ALLEGENTIA:     These ministrations are still in its infancy, so we should not expect too much yet, but it does seem to be doing its job rather well for those who have taken it to heart. I especially like how it is uplifting the previous revelation of the Master’s life; making it shine more brightly.

AAROWYN:     It is good to watch our people as they move from one age into another. Of course, many still believe in revolution, but more are developing the patience to see how gradual evolution of the whole civilization can work more peacefully.

ALLEGENTIA:     We know that many humans continue to be very belligerent, but tolerance and conflict resolution are both evolving. Even their reactions to war are changing somewhat. People are redirecting some of their energies; particularly into social interactions. I am also happy to see some aggression is being transferred into the sports and business fields.

AAROWYN:     Yes, it is good to see how commerce has taken a prominent role in peacemaking now that the tools of communication and the machines of transportation have evolved. More efficient energy will make trade an even better option.

ALLEGENTIA:     Regrettably there are still those who would use any kind of power for destruction. We have seen all too many times how more advanced ideas have failed to seize the collective imagination. Now is the time for them to take wise, yet decisive, steps connecting the higher ideals of their old customs to superior new ideas; allowing for a gentler assimilation.

AAROWYN:     That is always a difficult proposition on this planet with its wide range of intelligence and value systems. They want to keep the best of the past, but often retain the worst as well, not feeling confident or courageous enough to tease out the good from the better.

ALLEGENTIA:     On our last trip things were in quite a tumultuous state. It is so amazing how resilient these people are. I am especially proud of them for the advances they have made between the sexes and the races. Of course, there will continue to be ups and downs, but I see the fluctuations diminishing. They may become truly civilized sooner rather than later.

AAROWYN:     You may be right about that. I’ve noticed a general increase in the character of mind. The potentials are higher than they have ever been. An expansion of educational possibilities would certainly be helpful.

ALLEGENTIA:     I am heartened to witness the wonderful strides they have made in astronomy and the other sciences. A wider and clearer view of the physical cosmos consistently opens the philosophical imagination to more connections, and the soul to more unadulterated spiritual touchstones. When the facts become more obvious there is always greater appreciation of the truth.

AAROWYN:     You know, their music is also quite improved. I have a few souls aboard who I am hoping to accompany on a visit with Mozart and his team. He so enjoys each new crop of students. It is such a joy for me to share with them the exquisite music we have on high.

ALLEGENTIA:     It will be a good opportunity for you to play your harp. By the way, I have been working on a new melody for my crystal harmonica.

AAROWYN:     How exciting. I would like to hear some of it.

ALLEGENTIA:     I’ll be happy to share it with you, and I know you can give me some excellent assistance.

AAROWYN:     Let’s work on it as we wait for the rest of our sisters to finish communicating with their souls. Then we can join our collective spirits and tap into the Mother’s circuits for devotion and worship.