Definitions: (1) bearing patiently; tolerant; (2) enduring or sustaining; withstanding; (3) stable <an abiding love>; (4) prepared; (5) compliant

Synonyms: changeless, continuing, durable, enduring, lasting, long-lived, steadfast

Quote: Remember that life’s length is not measured by its hours and days, but by that which we have done therein. A useless life is short if it lasts a century. There are greater and better things in us all, if we would find them out. … The day will come when light and truth, and the just and the good shall be victorious; and evil will be no more forever. — Walter Breuning (1896-2011) Oldest undisputed American-born man ever <114 years, 205 days>

Symbol: the elephant {Long-lived}