Definitions: (1) Stimulating wonder; inspiring fascination; hypnotic; (2) Exciting curiosity; intriguing; (3) Beyond our most appealing dreams; unfathomable; (4) So awesomely sacred as to cause speechlessness; ineffable

• In human spiritual experience, the fact of God and the love of God are not a mystery. Mystery appears when we begin to fathom the details of the spirit realm. The finite mind can know only what is in its frame, albeit this limited frame is ever expanding with experience and revelation. The soul can know more.

• God has no reason to use magic. He knows all of the tricks but resorts to none of them. His primary motive is to share Himself. The desire to discover is fascinating to all personalities and is hardwired into every mind. We naturally seek to learn more, not only about ourselves but also about the habits (laws) of God and the universe. All things are discoverable with His help; progress is inevitable.

• Once the current mysteries are unveiled there will be intriguingly new ones to hold our awe.